Wilma's Social Workshops - Building skills to support families

About Wilma Brokaar

Let me introduce myself. I am a Social Worker with almost 25 years experience.

I feel passionate about supporting Children, Teenagers and their (Foster) Families. I have a BA Social Work and a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma. I absolutely love learning and over the past 10 years I have trained extensively in theory and practice of Recovery from Complex Trauma in Children and Youth, Play & Expressive Therapy Interventions, Attachment Based Interventions, as well as Sexual Abuse related topics.

 I am an Experienced Facilitator of Professional Development Workshops related to Children & Adolescents and a trained supervisor.

I have worked for Community Support Agencies, Health Care Providers, Disability Services, Children & Youth Services. Providing counselling, parent support, advocacy, connecting clients with community resources, case management, consultation, report writing and intensive multi agency cooperation, both overseas and in Australia.

About the Workshops

The backbone of the workshops comes from:

  • Wilma's 20+ years of Social Work experience
  • Wilma's commitment to ongoing learning and reflective practice

Added value comes from:

Researching the latest literature, on line publications, relevant social media discussions and professional development opportunities.

Summarised and packaged for you into 1 or 2 day workshops, meant to inspire and support you in your own learning journey.

The workshops cater for a Variety in Learning Styles:

  • Provide a clear theoretical framework
  • Linked to practical applications
  • Group discussions
  • Case examples
  • Interesting video's and clips
  • Role play demonstrations 
  • Opportunity to practice & reflect on new skills

Wilma’s Social Workshops can be facilitated in the Perth metro area, as well as in Regional Areas.

Vision statement

Every child and young person has the right to a safe home; to be connected to people who love, like and support them; who understand their needs and difficulties. So they can develop into their own, unique selves in the best way they can.

Parents and caregivers need to have access to support so they can be the best parent they can be.

To interrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma and abuse, traumatised parents need their own support to help them increase their ability to be available for and attend to their children’s needs. Support needs to be Trauma Informed, Strength Based and Respectful of Cultural Diversity.

Mission statement

To be a provider of quality, inspiring and interactive professional development in urban and regional communities across Australia with the emphasis on Child Focused, Trauma Informed and Culturally Respectful Practice.

Targeting Professionals and Foster Carers in the Community, (Mental) Health and Education Sector to support them in the ongoing process of reflective practice and learning, so they can be an inspiration to others and a beacon for Children and Young People they care for or work with.


For Organisations

Piece of the Puzzle

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