Wilma's Social Workshops - Building skills to support families

For Organisations and Schools

Wilma’s Social Workshops can come to you to deliver existing training packages, on site to your team or organisation.

Wilma’s Social Workshops can facilitate 1 or multiple day workshops on-site at your organisation. Existing workshops can be tailored to the needs of your staff, the size of the group and your budget:

  • Beginner or experienced level.
  • Suited to learning preferences and group size; such as theoretical presentation, a mixture of theoretical framework and practical exercises or predominantly experiential learning. Facilitation of group discussions is an option too.
  • Multiple workshops to suit practitioners with different training needs is an option, such as 2 x 6 (or 2 x 3) hours workshops. Please note all 3 hour workshops will provide limited learning opportunities.
  • Option of additional presentation for parents and caregivers in the evening or morning of the day following the workshop. Please note parent workshops are only offered as addition to professional workshops.
  • All workshops and presentations are child-centred, family inclusive, trauma informed and strengths based.
  • Each day is equivalent to 6 hours of professional development (unless different length has been negotiated)
  • Workshops are aimed at professionals, who work with children, adolescents and their parents or caregivers. 

Customised Training

Wilma’s Social Workshops can develop a training package to suit the specific needs of your team or organisation.

Wilma has knowledge and experience with:

  • Counselling children & teenagers 
  • Parenting & family support, including foster families
  • Multi-agency cooperation
  • Families with complex needs, including  case-management 
  • Enhancing attachment and social-emotional development 
  • Responding to Challenging Behaviours
  • Complex Trauma and strategies for recovery (0-18 years), Trauma Informed Practice
  • Sexual Abuse & inappropriate sexual behaviours
  • Play & expressive therapeutic strategies, body-based & sensory interventions
  • Supporting education staff regarding social-emotional and behavioural difficulties in children & youth with experiences of abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Including for school drop-out programs.

Wilma’s Social Workshops Customised Training
can be delivered in half day (3 hrs, NB for Perth Metro only), full day (6 hrs) or multiple days.

For Customised training please contact Wilma to discuss the needs of your team or organisation. Phone: 0429 163 357 or wilma@wilmassocialworkshops.com.au 

For Organisations

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