Wilma's Social Workshops - Building skills to support families

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Website launch

I am proud to announce the launch of the website for Wilma's Social Workshops;

Wilma offers quality, inspiring, fun & interactive workshops relating to children, teenagers & their (foster)parents
Many of us are looking for ways to nurture our professional selves; to increase our understanding, gain new insights and practice new skills. Maybe you need some time away from your daily work to sustain yourself or want to test the waters for the next step in your career. So what better way is there to satisfy your need for connection with like minded people,than to participate in our child-centered, trauma-informed, interactive, fun and inspiring workshops. You can practice new skills in a safe, non-pressure environment, network with colleagues while enjoying a light lunch. You will leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated and ready to apply the new skills you've learned (and possibly feel a bit tired as well).

Have a browse to see what is on offer. Wilma's Social Workshops is now ready to take bookings:


Wilma's aim is to inspire you to make a difference in a child's life.
Wilma's Social Workshops will make you think again.....of this challenging boy unable to focus long enough to benefit from what you had to offer, this withdrawn girl too scared to look at you, the angry teenager who ran off, the parent who made you feel exasperated, the Aboriginal family you worked so hard to connect with, the African single mother with 3 children...To reflect on your work with some of those people,to see them in a different light, with new possibilities to support families you'll meet in the future.

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Piece of the Puzzle

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