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(Recommended reading) 


Books on Play Therapy and counselling children & young people

  D Burdick Mindfulness skills for kids & Teens 
  Richard Bromfield Teens in Therapy; making it their own
  J.J. Fiorini, J.A. Mullen Counselling children and adolescents through grief and loss
   Eliana Gil: Helping abused and traumatised children
   Eliana Gil: The Healing Power of Play
   Eliana Gil: Post Traumatic Play in Children
   Geldard K. & Geldard D. Counselling Children
   Geldard K. & Geldard DCounselling Adolescents
   K. Golding, J. McConville Using stories to build bridges with traumatised children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Play Therapy with Traumatised Children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Digging for Buried Treasure 1 & 2
   Terry Kottman Play Therapy; basics and beyond
   Gary L. Landreth: Play Therapy; The art of the relationship
   Gary L. Landreth: Child Parent Relationship Therapy
  Landreth G.L, Sweeney D.S.: Play Therapy Interventions with Children’s Problems
   L. Lowenstein, G Crisci: Paper dolls & Paper airplanes; therapeutic exercises for sexually traumatised children (and teens)
   L.Lowenstein (ed): Assessment and treatment activities for children, adolescents and their families
   William Steel, Cathy Malchiodi: Trauma Informed Practices with Children & Adolescents
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Understanding Children’s Drawings
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Breaking the Silence
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Creative interventions with traumatised children
   Violet Oaklander: Windows to our children; a Gestalt Therapy approach
   D.C. Ray: Advanced Play Therapy
   K. Stagnitti, R. Cooper: Play as therapy
   Michael White & A. Morgan: Narrative Therapy with children and their families

Books on Attachment

   Berlin,LJ; Ziv,Yea: Enhancing early attachments

   Booth,PB ; Jernberg, AM Theraplay
   Kate Cairns: Attachment, trauma and resilience
   Kim Golding: Nurturing attachments; supporting children who are fostered and adopted
   D.A. Hughes: Attachment focussed parenting
  D.A. Hughes: Attachment focussed Family Therapy
  D.A. Hughes: Building the bonds of attachment
   Pearce, C. A short introduction to attachment and attachment disorders
   C. Taylor: A practical guide to caring for children and teenagers with Attachment difficulties

Books on Trauma, Trauma Recovery & Brain Development

   Blauskin,ME, Kinniburgh,KM Treating traumatic stress in children and adolescents
   Briere,JN, Lanktree, CB Treating complex trauma in adolescents and young adults
   P. Levine, M. Kline Trauma through a child’s eyes
   Cohen, Mannanino, Debinger Treating trauma and traumatic grief in children and adolescents
   Eliana Gil: Helping abused and traumatised children
   K. Golding, J. McConville Using stories to build bridges with traumatised children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Play Therapy with Traumatised Children
   B. Perry Born for love
   B. Rothschild The body remembers
   B. Van der Kolk The body keeps the score
   D Siegel The whole brain child
   Ariannne Struik Don’t let sleeping dogs lie

Books on parenting

   Kate Cairns Attachment, trauma and resilience
   S.P. Epstein 55 Creative approaches for challenging & resistant children & adolescents
   Kim Golding Nurturing attachments; supporting children who are fostered and adopted
   D.A. Hughes Attachment focussed parenting
   Faber, E. Mazlish Siblings without rivalry
   D.J. Siegel, T.Payne Bryson No-Drama Discipline
   D.J. Siegel, M. Harzell Parenting from the inside out

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Trauma Informed Practice; A Process, not a quick fix

Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) sounds good, but the underlying principles might be misunderstood in a world where instant gratification, solution focused and outcome based principles are important  ...click here for more