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(Recommended reading) 


Books on Play Therapy and counselling children & young people

  D Burdick Mindfulness skills for kids & Teens 
  Richard Bromfield Teens in Therapy; making it their own
  J.J. Fiorini, J.A. Mullen Counselling children and adolescents through grief and loss
   Eliana Gil: Helping abused and traumatised children
   Eliana Gil: The Healing Power of Play
   Eliana Gil: Post Traumatic Play in Children
   Geldard K. & Geldard D. Counselling Children
   Geldard K. & Geldard DCounselling Adolescents
   K. Golding, J. McConville Using stories to build bridges with traumatised children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Play Therapy with Traumatised Children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Digging for Buried Treasure 1 & 2
   Terry Kottman Play Therapy; basics and beyond
   Gary L. Landreth: Play Therapy; The art of the relationship
   Gary L. Landreth: Child Parent Relationship Therapy
  Landreth G.L, Sweeney D.S.: Play Therapy Interventions with Children’s Problems
   L. Lowenstein, G Crisci: Paper dolls & Paper airplanes; therapeutic exercises for sexually traumatised children (and teens)
   L.Lowenstein (ed): Assessment and treatment activities for children, adolescents and their families
   William Steel, Cathy Malchiodi: Trauma Informed Practices with Children & Adolescents
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Understanding Children’s Drawings
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Breaking the Silence
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems
   Cathy A. Malchiodi: Creative interventions with traumatised children
   Violet Oaklander: Windows to our children; a Gestalt Therapy approach
   D.C. Ray: Advanced Play Therapy
   K. Stagnitti, R. Cooper: Play as therapy
   Michael White & A. Morgan: Narrative Therapy with children and their families

Books on Attachment

   Berlin,LJ; Ziv,Yea: Enhancing early attachments

   Booth,PB ; Jernberg, AM Theraplay
   Kate Cairns: Attachment, trauma and resilience
   Kim Golding: Nurturing attachments; supporting children who are fostered and adopted
   D.A. Hughes: Attachment focussed parenting
  D.A. Hughes: Attachment focussed Family Therapy
  D.A. Hughes: Building the bonds of attachment
   Pearce, C. A short introduction to attachment and attachment disorders
   C. Taylor: A practical guide to caring for children and teenagers with Attachment difficulties

Books on Trauma, Trauma Recovery & Brain Development

   Blauskin,ME, Kinniburgh,KM Treating traumatic stress in children and adolescents
   Briere,JN, Lanktree, CB Treating complex trauma in adolescents and young adults
   P. Levine, M. Kline Trauma through a child’s eyes
   Cohen, Mannanino, Debinger Treating trauma and traumatic grief in children and adolescents
   Eliana Gil: Helping abused and traumatised children
   K. Golding, J. McConville Using stories to build bridges with traumatised children
   Paris Goodyear Brown: Play Therapy with Traumatised Children
   B. Perry Born for love
   B. Rothschild The body remembers
   B. Van der Kolk The body keeps the score
   D Siegel The whole brain child
   Ariannne Struik Don’t let sleeping dogs lie

Books on parenting

   Kate Cairns Attachment, trauma and resilience
   S.P. Epstein 55 Creative approaches for challenging & resistant children & adolescents
   Kim Golding Nurturing attachments; supporting children who are fostered and adopted
   D.A. Hughes Attachment focussed parenting
   Faber, E. Mazlish Siblings without rivalry
   D.J. Siegel, T.Payne Bryson No-Drama Discipline
   D.J. Siegel, M. Harzell Parenting from the inside out

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Piece of the Puzzle

Connecting through play and creative activities

Research from the areas of neurobiological development and attachment shows us how important it is to first really connect with children and teenagers in order to reach them. We need to find ways   ...click here for more