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Seriously Playful; Interventions from Play & Expressive Therapies

Child Centred Framework and lots of practice to safely facilitate therapeutic interventions with a focus on drawing, sand tray work and using therapeutic cards. Hands on workshop.

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Body Connections; Connecting Brain, Breath & Body in your practice with Children and Adolescents

This one day workshop focuses on the use of breath, tapping, movement, mindfulness and sensory based activities to support children, youth & their parents. They are powerful tools to support healthy brain development, regulation of emotions and energy states and connection to self and others. Being connected to self assists children to have a voice; to be in touch with their needs, feelings, experiences and boundaries and to let others know when they need help. The activities can also be applied as targeted interventions to include in your work with traumatised, abused or neglected children & teens. The activities can be used with all children and adolescents, at home, in childcare and schools.

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Trauma Informed Responses to Challenging Behaviours

This workshop is a step up from 'Connecting before Correcting' and focuses on practical strategies to support children and adolescents with challenging behaviours. They may have experienced trauma, have learning difficulties or a mental health diagnosis. Trauma informed and relationship based interventions to help children and young people reclaim a sense of calm, develop social-emotional skills,confidence and a sense of belonging. For counsellors, parenting support workers, teachers, child care workers, foster parents etc.

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Piece of the Puzzle

Trauma Informed Practice; A Process, not a quick fix

Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) sounds good, but the underlying principles might be misunderstood in a world where instant gratification, solution focused and outcome based principles are important  ...click here for more