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What people say about the workshops and about Wilma as a facilitator:

Play Therapy workshop (December 2017)

“ I learnt so much from you and your workshop was one of the best I have ever attended". Kylie, private psychologist

Series of 3 in house workshops on Therapeutic Parenting (Oct-Dec 2017)

“Thank you for doing these 3 workshops. The feedback from all participants has been very positive and all have enjoyed the workshops". Tara, Manager Out of Home Care

'Seriously Playful' (October 2017)

"I've used all the modalities in therapy before. However I enjoyed Wilma's structured and child-focused position; was new and good"
"Delivery style was great...I enjoyed the balance of theory, background and practice".   Tina, Team leader Youth Mental Health.

"Great overview and reminder of how to work with different materials and tools in a playful way. The sensory material was useful in modelling 
how to incorporate and when to use in sessions". Deb, School social worker.

"Lovely warm and genuine teaching style. Wonderful examples. I like the choice of what activities to focus on was given". Megan, Youth Mental Health.

"The role playing conducted by Wilma was very beneficial to my learning". Donelle, Child and adolescent counsellor.

On-Site Workshop on interventions from Play and Expressive Therapies for large Not-for Profit Organisation (August 2016)
  • I've learned to stay with the process and the child's experience, rather than rushing to solutions.
  • You have helped me to decide that I really want to start working with children, you've given me the confidence to do it.
  • I have a deeper understanding of attachment and how to help children learn to self-regulate
  • Very experienced and knowledgeable presenter, who responded well to peoples questions from their work practice.
  • I keep coming back for more; I really love Wilma's workshops
  • Great training really enjoyed these last two days!
  • Very interactive and informative – I enjoyed it a lot
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, spending time role playing and practising the activities of each form of play
  • Loved it – love Wilma. I can see how safe & supported children would feel with her – enjoyed the experience
  • Engaging training with many practical and hands on activities. Provided lots of suggestions and new ideas.
Presentation on Trauma Informed Practice in a High School with drop-out youth (July 2016)

“Thank you so much for your presentation today - you were such an engaging and caring trainer who really connected so well with all of us. I so appreciated your frankness and genuineness! I know everyone learned some valuable information and we have started an important trauma-informed conversation at Future Links as a result of your presentation today”. Poppy YMCA

Bree commented on 24-Apr-2018 11:47 AM
I attended Wilma's workshop several months ago and have been using her ideas and tools for play therapy since then. As a beginner she equipped us with everything you need to get started working with children and to have confidence in the process of therapeutic play. Thanks Wilma!
Beverley Pack commented on 21-Aug-2018 03:29 PM
Wilma was sought as a facilitator to deliver some parenting workshops in Kalgoorlie Boulder on Responding to Child Trauma and Behaviour. The sessions was well attended and feedback received identified that families were more equipped to assist their children in difficult situations. Empathise on parents being aware of their children emotions has been a key message that many have validated as being important. We look forward to having you back again soon, thanks for the workshops.

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