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Workshop detail:

Body Connections; Connecting Brain, Breath & Body in your practice with Children and Adolescents

For any questions and bookings, please contact Wilma on wilma@wilmassocialworkshops or call 0429 163 357

This one day workshop focuses on the use of breath, tapping, movement, mindfulness and sensory based activities to support children, youth & their parents. They are powerful tools to support healthy brain development, regulation of emotions and energy states and connection to self and others. Being connected to self assists children to have a voice; to be in touch with their needs, feelings, experiences and boundaries and to let others know when they need help. The activities can be used with all children and adolescents, at home, in childcare and schools. 

The activities can also be applied as targeted interventions to include in your work with traumatised, abused or neglected children & teens, provided they are used within the context of a safe relationship. They are invaluable to assist children and teens in (re)connection with themselves, which is a prerequisite for safe processing of traumatic experiences. They are also very useful throughout the counselling process to help children and young people stay within their 'Window of Tolerance'.

This fun and practical workshop will walk you through brief theoretical concepts and connect these to core practical exercises and interventions. The core exercises are then 'translated' into play based interventions for children and every day activities for adolescents. 

The activities are simple, safe and easy to implement and based on normal breathing and movement patterns, which support healthy child development. They also illustrate how to involve the body in treatment, when a child or young person has experienced trauma, as recommended by trauma experts. They are a practical translation of concepts, such as: ‘building neural pathways in the brain, integrating the left and right hemisphere, build the brain from bottom up, calming the amygdala' etc. 

‘Body Connections’ comes from a decade of professional learning and practice with traumatised children and adolescents, 13 years of personal yoga practice involving all exercises taught in this workshop and training in ‘Yoga & Mindfulness with Children and Adolescents’ to tie it all together.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Introduce simple breathing techniques into your work with children, adolescents and their parents
  • Enhance effectiveness and participation by incorporating movement and playfulness into breathing exercises
  • Recognise anxiety and avoidance responses to the exercises and know how to respond in a child-centred and trauma informed manner
  • Use simple tapping techniques to help children and adolescents connect to self and increase body awareness as an alternative to dissociative responses
  • Incorporate the principles of sensory work into activities and interventions
  • Add body-based strategies to your toolkit to support social-emotional development
  • Identify trauma informed ways to create a safe environment for children and adolescents throughout your sessions or teaching time

For Who

Social workers, counsellors, psychologists, youth workers, teachers, childcare workers, foster parents and anyone working with children and adolescents.

This workshop is currently only available as a group booking for teams or organisations

The practical exercises in ‘Body Connection’ are not difficult or physically demanding. It will help to wear comfortable clothing.

For any questions and bookings, please contact Wilma on wilma@wilmassocialworkshops or call 0429 163 357

For Organisations

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