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Seriously Playful; Interventions from Play & Expressive Therapies

For any enquiries and bookings, please contact Wilma on wilma@wilmassocialworkshops.com.au or call 0429 163 357

Have you been wanting to add Interventions from Play & Expressive Therapies to your personal or team's repertoire for some time?
Are you looking for an opportunity to hone your personal or your staff's existing skills and firmly integrate them into solution focused, systemic practice 
and in compliance with Duty of Care requirements? 
Then this is the workshop for you!!!

This 2 Day workshop is packed with experiential learning. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, while you will be taken through the steps to facilitate Interventions from Play & Expressive Therapies. The workshop focuses on applications for children and adolescents 4-18 years old. 
You will learn ways to maintain a child-focused, strength-based and family inclusive therapeutic stance. 

On the first day you will learn about and practice interventions from play & expressive therapies with a focus on drawings, sand tray work and therapeutic cards. You will learn how to safely and sensitively introduce, facilitate and unpack activities in a child-centred way. We will look briefly at how to respond to spontaneous imaginary play to connect with and to explore experiences as seen through the eyes of children. Adapting interventions to the developmental age of the child will also be discussed. You will practice and experience sensory strategies to help children and young people regulate strong feelings, (re)connect with themselves and develop confidence.

On the second day you will learn  and practice how to integrate interventions from play & expressive therapies into the counselling interventions you all ready use in your daily practice. You will practice how to facilitate the transition from exploring the feelings, needs and experiences of children & adolescents to responding to issues you've identified in a child-centred manner. How to involve children and adolescents in problem solving, advocate for their needs with respect for confidentiality and address safety issues in compliance with Duty of Care requirements.

For who: This workshop is suitable for people who work directly with children and teenagers offering counselling in a variety of settings, such as social workers, counsellors, psychologists, outreach workers, in home support workers, chaplains etc.

This workshop is currently only available for group bookings for teams and organisations

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will:
  • Have an understanding of the child-centred framework for facilitating interventions from play and expressive therapies
  • Be able to identify ways to create a safe therapeutic environment with and for children & adolescents
  • Have experienced the power and benefits of a child-focused, strength-based therapeutic stance
  • Have experienced and practised a range of interventions from Play and Expressive therapies
  • Have insight in why and how sensory interventions can assist children and teenagers to connect with
    & express themselves
  • Be able to understand how to integrate interventions from play & expressive therapies into your daily counselling practice
  • Be able to adapt the level of structure and direction during sessions to the needs of the child or adolescents
  • Have an understanding of how to adapt the use of expressive interventions to the (developmental) age of children and adolescents


For any enquiries and bookings, please contact Wilma on wilma@wilmassocialworkshops.com.au or call 0429 163 357
For Organisations

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