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Connecting before Correcting; Social-Emotional Development through Safe Connections

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This 1 day workshop will focus on practical applications of the neurobiology of attachment.

Discussing work from Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson, Dan Hughes and others, you will discover concepts, which will be helpful for social workers, counsellors, (foster) parents, teachers etc. But…..these are not tricks from a magic hat! It takes time and an adult’s willingness to engage with and be really involved in a child’s or teenager’s life. A strong existing parent-child connection is great, but don’t despair. Relationship repair or the building of a new relationship by a foster carer, counsellor or teacher can be just as important and helpful for a child’s social-emotional development.

The focus of this workshop will be on how to help children & young people:
  • Regulate strong feelings, increase cooperation and build resilience.
  • Develop their skills to reflect, problem solve, develop empathy, work together etc.
  • The role of a safe relationship with an adult to facilitate this process
  • The importance of structure and boundaries to promote growth and learning
  • How to stay calm and be a role model yourself

For who

This workshop is suitable for practitioners and foster parents working in individual & family counselling, parenting support, education & childcare. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will:
  • Be able to summarise the principles of the neuro-biology of attachment
  • Be able to describe why safe relationships help promote social-emotional development
  • Have insight in how to help children & teenagers regulate their feelings (and apply it yourself). 
  • Have knowledge of and practised strategies to avoid or re-direct power struggles and promote cooperation and mutual understanding
  • Understand the importance of structure & boundaries
  • Be able to identify creative strategies for natural consequences
  • Be able to share knowledge and skills with  parents


Perth Metro (Yanchep to Mandurah) $200

Regional Centres $250

For any questions, please contact Wilma on wilma@wilmassocialworkshops or call 0429 163 357
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